Featured Work

Some of the exciting projects we have been involved in recently:


Million Year Ice Core Project

Year: 2021 – 2022

Astrotec are working with the Australian Antarctic Division to design and construct all electrical infrastructure to support the traverse and inland station for the MYIC project in Antarctica.

“The Australian Antarctic Division is gearing up to lead one of the most ambitious and challenging scientific projects yet undertaken in Antarctica – the quest to drill an ice core containing a million-year record of Earth’s climate and atmospheric composition.”

The extreme environmental conditions in Antarctica, dictates that the product selections and installations for this project are critical.  We are fortunate to be working alongside some amazing people at the AAD, who have many years’ experiences in the icy continent.

As part of this project, we have wired generation containers, refrigeration containers, drill tent and workshop containers. This exciting project is currently ongoing.

Taylor Bros

AAD Scientific Modules for new Icebreaker

Year: 2021

Astrotec were the successful tenderer for a project involving the electrical design and installation for 6 x scientific containers. These were highly specialised scientific laboratories for use by expeditioner’s whilst on board RSV Nuyina and for use in Antarctica as required. Some of these labs were classed as hazardous areas and were fitted with EX equipment.

As with all Antarctic related equipment, the materials selected and the installation requirements were carefully considered, for the extreme operating conditions where they will be used.

We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the professional team at Taylor Bros.

Taylor Bros

AAD Mobile Amenities Vans for the Million Year Ice Core Project

Year: 2021

Astrotec were the successful tenderer for a project involving the electrical installation on Mobile Amenities Vans for use in Antarctica.

The “vans” are sled mounted amenities and accommodation modules, which are to be used as part of the traverse to the Million Year Ice Core inland station.

This was another amazing opportunity for us to work alongside the team at Taylor Bros.

Calvary Hospitals

Calvary Hospitals Launceston WiFi upgrade

Year: 2018

Astrotec were the successful tenderer for a project involving the installation of new WiFi systems throughout 2 x hospitals in Launceston, Tasmania.

Our team worked directly with nursing staff on a daily basis, to make sure that there was minimal disruption to staff and patients. 

Weatherfoil Pty Ltd

INCAT ferry HVAC installation

Year: 2018

Astrotec was the successful tenderer to design and install the electrical component, including all control boards and switchboards, for the ducted HVAC system on board INCAT vessel 089.

This high-speed vehicle ferry was destined for Malta and the buyer specifically wanted a ducted HVAC system installed throughout the ship.  This was a great opportunity for us to work at the Incat shipyard on an amazing vessel.