Industries Served

Astrotec specialise in industries such as construction, maritime, defence, polar, mining, aquaculture, oil and gas, education, and healthcare. We have confidence and experience in all industrial and commercial settings.


Our team of skilled electricians have many years of experience in the maritime industry, including ships, tactical watercraft, commercial fishing vessels and pleasure craft.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach and workmanship, making sure that the job is done on time and on budget.

The demanding and corrosive environment that electrical systems are exposed to at sea can cause problems when you least expect it.  Our fully qualified and experienced electricians have the diagnostic and fault-finding capabilities to repair electrical systems to keep your vessel in optimum condition.

Astrotec have experience working on research ships and icebreakers and are the preferred electrical contractors on board RV Investigator and RSV Nuyina. 

We have access to suppliers and manufacturers from across the globe to provide you with top quality products specifically designed for marine environments including equipment requiring Lloyds or DNV approvals.

Our dedicated electricians have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality electrical system solutions to complex problems.


We work closely with Tasmania’s leading defence contractors and industry partners, to offer clients quality, robust and dependable electrical systems.

We have a large supplier database of milspec equipment and technologies.

Astrotec specialise in the design and installation of electrical and electronic equipment in maritime vessels.  All staff have up to date police checks and are able to achieve security clearances as required.


Astrotec have many years of experience working in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, pharmacies, radiology, dental surgeries, and general practice.

We have a good understanding of the requirements and high standards required for working in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Our professional and caring staff understand the need to ensure the least amount of disruption possible to business operations and staff, patients/residents, and visitors to your facility. All work is performed by appropriately qualified, competent, and experienced trades people.


Astrotec have experience working on Antarctic icebreaker ships, as well as infrastructure used to support the expeditioners who venture to Antarctica.

We have designed and installed the electrical installations for containerised laboratories used on board RSV Nuyina and on the Antarctic mainland.  Some of these laboratories contained explosive atmospheres.

We are also working closely with the team at the Australian Antarctic Division on the design and installation of all the electrical infrastructure for the Million Year Ice Core Project.

These projects have given us invaluable experience in learning about products and requirements for electrical systems in extreme cold weather environments.

Astrotec are proud members of the Tasmanian Polar Network. 


The Astrotec team have many years of experience working in the aquaculture industry.

We understand the complexities of systems required to support aquaculture facilities. 

We have been the preferred electrical contracting company at SALTAS’s hatcheries for over 10 years, where we have gained valuable experience in hatchery electrical systems.

We have also worked on sea pens and feed barges.

Astrotec employs quality electricians and instrument technicians, able to work on all aquaculture related infrastructure.


Astrotec have a dedicated team of professional trades people who regularly work in schools and colleges.  All our staff have up to date police checks and hold WWVP cards.

We take pride in our workmanship.  We understand that working in student areas requires keeping the work area tidy and safe.

We also understand that faults in the electrical system can be very disruptive to a learning environment, therefore we are fast to respond to potential faults.

We often work after hours and during school holidays, to minimise disruptions.


Astrotec regularly work in heavy industrial settings, such as quarries and mine sites.

We have the experience and ability to offer a full suite of services for your facility.

Our fully qualified trades people have experience working with crushers, screens, conveyors, rock breakers etc.

Instrumentation technicians are available to assist with complex equipment and PLC’s.

We offer a 24/7 breakdown service, we understand the need for fast response times, to minimise costly plant shutdown times.


We offer a team of dedicated trade professionals who can complete new installations in commercial and industrial facilities.

We have an experienced project management team, able to work with you to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

We keep up to date with the latest in electrical technologies, to ensure that your new building is future proof and state-of-the-art.

Energy, Oil & Gas

The Astrotec team have experience with the construction of Nitrogen generation facilities, gas fired power generation facilities and explosive atmosphere installations for various clients.

We work closely with the highly skilled team at Zero Industries, who offer specialised hazardous areas consultation.

Our fully qualified trades people understand the need to provide professional and quality workmanship for your important project.